Who am I?

My father joined the Air Force just before I was born as an excuse to take my mother away from her crazy family. Because of this, I grew up bicoastal: in upstate New York, all over Southern California, then settled on the Central Coast of California. I currently live in Santa Barbara, California. I got my career start here and cannot seem to bring myself to leave. The place is quite lovely.
Santa Barbara Mission The view from the Santa Barbara Mission.
Due to my lack of attention paid to teaching and a large dose of freedom from my folks, I grew up more of an artist than a scientist. I can recall many works of art ripped from my hand mid-pencil stroke from irate teachers. I moved around a lot after high school, therefore, my college career was a bit chaotic. In college, I ended up only taking art classes because I always seemed to get the most honest criticism of my work there (I believe I am about 3 credits away from a graphic design degree).
DogfishHead Mash Mashing in.
DogfishHead color Testing color vs. the real DogfishHead 60min.

Creating Things

I love design and I love to create things. Visual design, art and brewing beer are my top creating passions. I have a mostly self-taught design eye, except for the hard lessons learned from more proficient designers. Art isn’t design but art can really make a good design shine. Art is what can give a decent brand visual what it needs to really connect with a user/customer on an emotional level. Similar to cooking, the process of beer brew is so varied and detailed, I now see why so many designers love to cook. I am not as good of a cook as brewer, but I can grill a mean tri-tip. It pairs nicely with my Cream Ale.

About This Site

This website is how I keep on top of web technologies and processes. I am not a “true” Front End Designer but I can hold my own and definitely have it easier when working with them. This website is my own custom WordPress theme. Built with the Bootstrap framework using HTML5 & CSS3 technologies. Hosted by the great guys at SoZo Hosting.