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I recently designed a logo/brand and website design for a new start-up, called StickyLeaf. It’s a weekly deal site for cannabis related items.

Sticker and poster/flyer design



The brand is designed to bring the cannabis counter culture into a more respectable “amazon-esque” ecommerce world while still having a witty tongue-in-cheek brand.

Posted on: April 10th, 2012
Author: Laurence Orr

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PlanetSolar Homepage Design

Website Design and development

PlanetSolar Vision Brochure PlanetSolar Vision Brochure

Vision Brochure

A few months ago I finished up designing and building a WordPress website for Planet Solar, a Santa Barbara solar panel company. They hired a talented photographer to take quite a few photos of their customers who are very happy that they went with solar power.

I designed a website that would show off the photography. I also designed a 36×27″ folded 9 panel Vision Brochure for them to send out to their customers and partners.

Posted on: March 14th, 2012
Author: Laurence Orr

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Pond Mobile Homepage Pond Mobile About Us

Pond Mobile is a simple way of buying cellphone access when you are flying internationally. They sell you a new sim for your device at a flat fee. The typical business traveler doesn’t need to get a new phone anymore and can just get down to business with technology they already know.

I created a series of web designs that built off their strong logo and brand. A very simple web experience to show their users how simple their technology is to use.

Posted on: December 19th, 2011
Author: Laurence Orr

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