CrowdedFilm is a collaborative Facebook game where the player can make mashup films and have them voted on by a film making community and even his/her Facebook friends.

CrowdedFilm Logo

New Logo

CrowdedFilm Logomark CrowdedFilm Editing Page

Film Editing Screen (shown inside Facebook environment)

CrowdedFilm Playing Page

Film Screen (shown inside Facebook environment)

Trying to make film editing easy and fun isn’t a simple thing to do. The first attempts are what you see below. I came up with a metaphor which was to make each clip a “puzzle piece,” where the user can simply drag n’ drop clips and have them “click” together to form an interesting mash up film. One of the goals is to give the feeling of film-editing at the same time making it easy and especially fun to do.

I echoed the puzzle piece idea throughout the logo shape. Also, each color in the logo would be a transition between clips, such as: wipe, dissolve, and hard edit.

This is just initial design work, and I am sure it will evolve to a very interesting point before it gets released. I do feel a lot of branding design early in the process of User Experience is most helpful in capturing everyone who is involved imaginations.

Posted on: November 19th, 2012
Author: Laurence Orr

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