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“Crouched and listening diligently through the floor, Carmella crept quietly into the hallway. She peered over the railing and saw Daniel violently flailing on the floor. Quickly she leapt down the staircase and rushed to his aide. During her approach she saw the tentacled beast writhing on the floor near the fireplace, this was obviously the beast Daniel had fired upon she thought. Carmela approached Daniel and fought through his wild defensive swings. “Daniel, she tried to communicate to her hysterical friend, “Daniel!” Her shouting finally pierced through his temporary madness and his composure was restored.” This is an excerpt from a short story, written by my friend Joe Scogin, for his playing card game, Of Gunpowder & Madness. He had these rules for a table top game that involves playing cards and wondered if I could give it some sort of look and feel. After extensive talks about the game and his philosophy for it I had formed a few mockups of a potential logo for the back and a couple layouts for the front playing area, which you can see below. Gun photo by Vladislaus Dantes. Steampunk Girl Illustration by Mary Chan.
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Posted on: July 6th, 2010
Author: Laurence Orr

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