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Just got in my new business cards. THEY WILL DESTROY YOU!

I tend to draw a lot of little characters and sometimes I vectorize them in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to do something different and put them on my business cards. I hope it shows that I try to think a little bit different and maybe convey that to future and current clients. So far I’ve gotten a very good reaction to them… We’ll see.

Posted on: April 18th, 2012
Author: Laurence Orr

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If you’ve known me for a while or have worked with me in the past you have probably seen my old site many times, maybe even wondering when I would update it with new work. Well here it is, a bit late but at the same time quite a bit more ambitious. The goal for this bigger website and blog is to not only practice my web creation skills but to show off all the stuff that I make that doesn’t fit into my portfolio. It’s not going to be things that aren’t good enough, but will be designs and aesthetics I am experimenting with and things that will be new to me. Things I would still like to show off and get feedback on. Examples like what I am currently working on, like a collectible card game idea, iphone application and even shirt silkscreening. With this website I have set a few goals for myself. To update regularly with work and personal projects, to hopefully get cool things like a invite and especially for prospective clients to get to know me better and to evaluate if my skills to see if they can help them with their problems and ideas. Please spend a little time in around my site and let me know what you like or even what you don’t. I would appreciate any help with this as I am in new and untested territory for myself. Thank you. Laurence

Posted on: June 22nd, 2010
Author: Laurence Orr

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